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Board of Commissioners

The Brunswick Housing Authority encourages input from the public. At each regular meeting of the Authority on the fourth Monday of the Month at 6:00 pm the Authority will allow up to two citizens to speak. Each speaker will have three (3) minutes to speak on issues over which the Brunswick Housing Authority has jurisdiction and control. Public comments will be at the end of the regular meeting. Comments should be made in a polite manner. Members of the public that would like to speak must sign up on a first come - first served basis with Ms. Christina Curry at by 4:00 pm before the meeting and provide their address, phone number and the matter on which they would like to speak. Comments shall not be inappropriate, insulting or offensive and should avoid personal attacks. In addition to the public comment period, citizens are encouraged to address concerns, comments or questions to individual Commissioners directly and or Authority staff responsible for addressing same.

The Annual meeting and election of Officers is held the second Wednesday of each February.

The Board Meetings for Coastal Phoenix and Gordon Armstrong are held the second Wednesday of the first month of each calendar quarter (January, April, July and September).

Video recordings and/or live stream recordings of board meetings can be viewed on our YouTube page, linked here.

Board of Commissioners


Allen Booker, Chair (Term effective 03/07/2023-06/01/2024)

Kamau Dickerson headshot

Kamau Dickerson, Vice Chair (Term effective 08/18/2021-08/19/2026)

Denise hayes.jpg

Denise Hayes, Resident Commissioner (Term effective 07/11/2023-06/01/2028)

Clement Cullens, Commissioner (Term effective 01/09/2023-06/30/2027)