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Section 8

The Waiting List for Section 8 is closed at this time.

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Admin Plan

Download a copy of the 2023 Administrative Plan here.

Contact Information
Brunswick Housing Authority
1126 Albany St. Brunswick, GA 31520
Fax: 912‐265‐1280

Natasha Douglas - Section 8 Manager
Email Natasha Douglas

912‐265‐1334 ext 121

Kristin Walker - Section 8 Caseworker
Email Kristin Walker
912‐265‐1334 ext 114

Dayana Jones - Admissions Counselor
Email Dayana Jones
912‐265‐1334 ext 119


Port In
The Brunswick Housing Authority is currently absorbing. Please note that the Brunswick Housing Authority only serves Glynn County, GA. We do not serve Savannah, St. Mary's or Kingsland. If you wish to port to those areas you must contact the appropriate Housing Authority.

  1. You must first contact your Housing Authority and notify them of your intention of porting out to Brunswick Housing Authority's jurisdiction.
  2. Your case worker/initiating PHA will send your portability packet to the Brunswick Housing Authority.

    a. If your First letter of your last name is A‐L, have your case worker contact Natasha Douglas.

    b. If your First letter of your last name is M‐Z, have your case worker contact Kristin Walker.

  3. Once your portability packet has been reviewed and we have determined that no additional information is needed we will schedule a briefing. Please allow ten (10) business days for this to occur.
  4. A new voucher will be issued at the briefing as well as a packet explaining the Brunswick Housing Authority Section 8 Voucher program.

Portability Packet Must Include:

  1. Copy of the voucher issued by the initiating Housing Authority with extension if possible.
  2. EIV documentation
  3. Birth Certificates, Social Security Cards and Picture IDs.
  4. Forms 50058 and 52665
  5. Income Information
  6. Application (if a new applicant)
  7. Contact information with a current phone number and email address

Port Out
If you are a new applicant, you must complete a request for portability out of jurisdiction form. Once received, allow for ten (10) business days for processing. If you have enough time left on your voucher your portability packet will be sent to the Housing Authority you designate.

Please note: If you are a new applicant and not a Glynn County resident, you must lease up with the Brunswick Housing Authority first. Once your twelve (12) month lease is completed, you will be eligible to port out.

If you are an established Section 8 participant, you must complete the following steps.

Eligible Port Out

  1. Complete Thirty (30) Day notice of intent to vacate form and turn in to the Brunswick Housing Authority. This step must be completed first.
  2. The Thirty (30) notice of intent to vacate form must be signed and dated by your landlord and current with your rent.
  3. A briefing will be scheduled with a voucher issued.
  4. Once the voucher is issued, a portability packet will be sent to the Housing Authority designated.
  5. The receiving Housing Authority will contact you for a briefing and to explain the requirement of their Section 8 Voucher program.

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